Alban was born in Saintes (France) in 1976; he lives and works in Paris.

To tell the world as he sees it, Alban chooses to photograph places that are in an in-between:  sometimes common, sometimes hostile, perceived as tasteless or ugly at first glance, but where there is always beauty; whether it is the images of destruction in the urban structures, the poetry in North Korea's mass games or the suspended life in Chernobyl, the profusion of the accumulations.

The core of his work is based on the viewer's aesthetic values and conception of beauty : Alban is questioning the codes and highlighting the beauty in the most common places. Exploring the polysemy of each visual construct, Alban often offers raw photographs where the rationality seems to have smothered the passion and encourages the viewer to reflect on globalization and its effects on places.


Through apparent simplicity, Alban is drawing the viewer's attention to the deeper meaning of these compositions. To achieve to tell these stories of modernity, Alban is building his work in the purest sense of technologic neutrality with several formats.

Alban's work on abstraction is an invitation to contemplation, revealing one's sensibility, mind and intellect. Look at your feelings in the mirror that are his photographs.